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About the tobook On-Line Hotel Reservation System

The Company
The tobook On-Line Hotel Reservation website was launched in July 2000. hotel-istanbul-tobook.com helps global travelers to make hotel reservations and gives more information about their destination in the city guides section. We focus on hotel information, online reservations and anything else of interest to modern day travelers. The hotel-istanbul-tobook.com team is dedicated in bringing you a trustworthy, easy to use and fast service…

The Concept
We started this guide because we felt how much Internet can help travelers and hotels worldwide. The technological architecture of our solution is innovative in its use of modern communications technology. Connecting guests to hotels is what we do.

Our Mission
Our company mission is to provide hotels with innovative technological products and services, to enable them to service their business and leisure guests. Furthermore we want to create a virtual hotel market where travelers can find all the information they want about hotels. We like our guests to feel confident in the journey they are about to make. hotel-istanbul-tobook.com wishes to be the most valued site in the field of on-line reservations based on price, convenience, functionality and comfort. hotel-istanbul-tobook.com strives to be the .COMfortable way to book on-line.

Benefits for hotel guests
Do you want complete, fast and up-to-date information and do you want to book directly instead of exchanging countless emails? Do you want news about local events, customs, weather, maps, sightseeing and everything else that is to the travelers interest? You will experience a service level that will make you come back to hotel-istanbul-tobook.com. On hotel-istanbul-tobook.com, what you see is what you get.

Benefits for hotels
– Hotels from anywhere in earth and from any segment can join the hotel-istanbul-tobook.com Hotel Guide network.
– Receive room reservation requests guaranteed by a credit card number.
– Free presence at www.hotel-istanbul-tobook.com.
– A free tool for updating availability information on all other hotel’s websites.
– A free homepage for your hotel, which will be submitted to more than 2000 search engines worldwide for higher rankings.
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