1. tobook owns the website and will be called hereinafter tobook; the affiliate’s own website(s) are not related to tobook and will be called ‘Affiliate’.
    1. tobook and the Affiliate are legally independent operators.
    2. tobook will provide its online hotel reservation services to the Affiliate by permitting to use diverse ‘linking’ possibilities as given under ‘instructions’.
    3. tobook owns the full copyright for all information, data and supplement of its content.
    4. tobook will provide only the technical and data support to the Affiliate regarding the partnership. In all other matters the Affiliate is solely responsible for his/her website.
    5. The Affiliate will provide ‘links’ in one or more versions, as given at ‘Examples’ to tobook.
    6. The partnership between the parties is mainly based on link traffic from the Affiliate to tobook. This link traffic will provide reservations made by visitors coming from the links at the Affiliate’s website(s). The reservation is valid when it is finalized.
    7. tobook is responsible for finalizing the reservations.
    8. The Affiliate agrees to do what is in his powers, to make this partnership valid.
    9. A ‘Finalized Reservation’ means that the guest has visited the hotel and has paid his/her fee by check out. Reservations which were declined or canceled are not valid as ‘Finalized Reservations’.
    10. The Affiliate will receive his/her share of 45% from the commission tobook gets from a finalized reservation.
    11. The Affiliate’s share, coming from these reservations, will be paid regularly to the Affiliate. tobook will provide the Affiliate with the possibility to check the statistics of this partnership at any time.
    12. The Affiliate is fully responsible for his own taxes and related matters.
    13. The Affiliate agreement can be terminated by each party at any time.
    14. This agreement is fully based on respective truth and goodwill. Therefore tobook will terminate the agreement by any misuse of the data, untruthful or illegal practices and by insufficient effort to realize the expectations.