BECOME OUR AFFILIATE is one of the leading online hotel booking services in Europe.

With more than six thousand directly connected hotels, our system offers rooms for travelers in many European cities and areas. The amount of hotels in our database is growing daily. This success has brought us so far, to go beyond the borders of Europe. In 2002 we started in the Netherlands, soon covered Europe, and now in 2006 we have advanced enough to send reservations to several continents.
What is our Affiliate Program

The growth of our activities is partly due to our affiliates. These are active website owners, who have added our services to their sites. By adding hotel booking services to their system, they not only contribute to our growth but also to their own. As an internet company, we know the value of a visitor; therefore we are pleased to share our income with those who deliver them. We give 45% of our commission to our partners.

Earn 45% commission

As we get an average 10% commission of each finalized reservation, you will get almost half of it. This means in concrete terms: Person X made a reservation for 1000 Euro at Hotel Y in Barcelona. After X checked out at the hotel and paid his fee, Hotel Y will pay a commission of 100 Euro to us; from that you will receive 45 Euro. This is of course dependant on the delivered reservation, which was made by a visitor through your site.

Your advantage to be affiliated

You will be able to follow the traffic coming from your site, including the amount of reservations and the according rates. You will have an account number and a unique ID number. By using the ‘Affiliate Login’ you will be able to follow the status every moment you want. Through a web-based statistical program, you will also be able to check the commission earned at any time. You don’t have to worry about forms, refunds or collections.

There are many advantages to be affiliated with tobook:
Adding a full serviced online hotel booking system to your website.
Adding a profitable tool to your website for free.
Receiving 45% of commission of each reservation made by visitors coming from your website and finalized by us.
No complicated rules and conditions.
No costs to join the program or terminate the partnership.
Based on respective benefit, trust and input.

Are you interested to join our partner program? Before submitting your data please read the “Procedure” section.